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Anti-Racism Medical Education Pledge

Racism and white supremacy are a public health crisis. They are pervasive contributors to the health disparities in Black, Indigenous and other communities of color (BIPOC), including those who are immigrants and refugees. Systemic racism in medical education perpetuates these health disparities by creating inequitable health care. If we remain silent, we are complicit.

To contribute to the realization of health equity as a residency program, we pledge to adopt an anti-racist stance as follows:

  1. We acknowledge that institutionalized racism is pervasive in medical education and the U.S. medical system, and we recognize the impact it has on our personal and professional lives.
  2. We commit to calling out and actively dismantling processes that perpetuate institutionalized racism.
  3. We commit to the development and implementation of an anti-racism curriculum for our residents, faculty and staff.
  4. We will hold a safe space in order to engage in challenging conversations that arise when discussing racism.
  5. We will encourage the establishment of racial/ethnic and cultural affinity groups among residents and faculty to allow for safe spaces to process, learn and get support as a community.
  6. We commit to increasing the diversity of our residents and faculty from underrepresented backgrounds through active and deliberate recruitment, selection, retention and promotion processes.
  7. We will establish a diversity and inclusion leadership role for a faculty and resident(s) to coordinate efforts in recruiting, retaining and promoting underrepresented medical students and faculty and organize regular anti-racism curriculum during the academic year.
  8. We commit to supporting local BIPOC-owned businesses in our regular operations.
  9. We express our sincere, long-term commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization.
This pledge was reviewed edited and supported by the residents and faculty of the Family Health Centers of San Diego Family Medicine Residency program. We would like to express gratitude to Swedish Cherry Hill Family Medicine Residency Program for their permission to adapt parts from their Anti-Racism in Medical Education Pledge.

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